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Peace of Mind

PEDAL lab is a medium security facility that specializes in transforming and analyzing administrative data collected for purposes other than research. We have established working partnerships with multiple data providers at various government levels.

The Laboratory has several levels of security, allowing for the storage and protection of sensitive data not publicly available.

PEDAL is also used for training students, gathering groups of researchers, and empirical analysis. Current members of PEDAL include researchers at McMaster University, University of Toronto, and several U.S. and U.K. universities.

New Security Measures in the Lab

With additional funding received by McMaster from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, PEDAL has been upgraded to PEDAL 2.0 - a higher security facility with higher measures of security, upgraded technology and safer administrative protocols. PEDAL resides in the L.R. Wilson building. The lab space is adjacent to other data research labs, and researchers from other areas of Social Science will be able to conduct collaborative research in medium or higher security settings.