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Ahmad Syed, Professor Emeritus

Syed Ahmad

Professor Emeritus

Emeritus Faculty
Department of Economics


Research Interests: History of Economic Thought, Capital Theory, Monetary Theory


D. Sc University of London 1978


Published Papers

S. Ahmad "Capital in Economic Theory: Neo-Classical Cambridge and Chaos" (1991) Edward Elgar, Reprinted with a list of corrections and with the addition of brief Appendix. (2010)

S. Ahmad, `Two Opponents of the "Keynesian Consensus".' International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics. Special Issue on Milton Friedman, Part II, 2008.

S. Ahmad "On the Theory of Induced Invention" reprinted in Albert N. Link (Ed.) "The Economic Theory of Invention and Innovation", Edward Elgar Publishers, 2008. Originally published in the Economic Journal

, June 1966.

 S. Ahmad, "On the Bicentennial of the Other 'Inquiry':  Lauderdale's."  Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 2007

S. Ahmad, "Demand for Money: the Keynesian Approach." in Vane, H. and Snowdown, B. (Eds.) Encyclopaedia of Macroeconomics, Edward Elgar 2002.

S. Ahmad, "A `General' Non-Substitution Theorem Along Samuelsonian Lines." International Journal of Applied Economics and Econometrics. 2001. Reprinted in Puttaswamaiah, K. (ed.) Paul Samuelson and the Foundation of Modern Economics, Transaction Publishers, 2002.

S. Ahmad, "The Flow and Ebb in Mixter's Treatment of Rae: A Note," History of Political Economy, 2001.

S. Ahmad "Islamic Banking: An Introduction and Some Suggestions." Economia (Journal of Yokohama National University), 2001.

S. Ahmad, "Hicks on Capital," Indian Journal of Applied Economics: Special Issue on Sir John Hicks, 1998. Reprinted in Puttaswamaiah, K.  (Ed. John Hicks: His Contribution to Economic Theory and Application, Transaction Publishers, 2001.)

S. Ahmad, "Cambridge Controversy on Capital Theory," in H. Kurz and N. Salvadari (eds.), Elgar Companion to Classical Economics, 1998.

S. Ahmad, "John Rae, Bohm-Bawerk and Fisher on the Supply and Demand of Capital," in Hamouda, Lee and Mair (eds.), John Rae, Routledge, 1998.  Reprinted in Bliss, C., C. Cohen and G.C. Harcourt (Eds.) "Capital Theory:  Vol.1" (2005), Edward Elgar, Aldershot and Brookfield.

S. Ahmad, "Nehruvian Vision and the 'New Economic Policy'," Vol. 17 of Economic History of India, BHEESHAM Project, Bombay, 1997.

S. Ahmad, "Individual and Society in Smith, Lauderdale and Rae and the Subject Matter of Twentieth Century Economics," Working Paper No. 97-06, Department of Economics, McMaster University, 1997.

S. Ahmad, "On John Rae's Controversial Contributions to Economics," Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 1996.

S. Ahmad, "Smith's Division of Labour and Rae's 'Invention': A Study of the Second Dichotomy, with an Evaluation of the First,"History of Political Economy, 1996.