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Aronson Jane, Professor | Director of School of Social Work

Jane Aronson

Professor | Director of School of Social Work

Emeritus Faculty
School of Social Work

Area(s) of Interest:


My research interests center on the giving and receiving of health care and public services. Particularly, I am concerned with the needs of women and older adults, long-term care policies and practices, and their implications for women’s work and well-being as givers and receivers of care. The majority of my work has focused on the neoliberal restructuring of public services, caring labour and the welfare state.


1988 - PhD, Dept. of Behavioural Science, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

1975 - MSW, McGill University

1974 - BSW, McGill University

1972 - BSc Social Administration, The New University of Ulster, Coleraine, Northern Ireland


Courses Taught


  • SOC WORK 3D06 Practice of General Social Work 
  • SOC WORK 3DD6 Social Work Field Practice
  • SOC WORK 4E03 Women and Social Welfare 
  • SOC WORK 4T03 Women and Social Work Practice 
  • WOMENST 4B06 Topics in Women, the Economy and the State


  • SOC WORK 602 Social Policy and the Aging Population
  • SOC WORK 719 Processes and Politics of Social Policy Research
  • SOC WORK 726 Institutional Structuring of Practices in Social Work
  • SOC WORK 737 Critical Approaches to Social Work Knowledge


Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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