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Barken Rachel, Sessional Instructor

Rachel Barken

Sessional Instructor

Contract and Sessional Faculty
Department of Sociology

Area(s) of Interest:


Academic Position

SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Sociology, York University


Areas of Specialization

Care and caregiving; Aging; Home care and community services; Health and illness; Family; Gender. 



Selected Grants and Awards

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, $81,000, 2015-2017. 

Canadian Sociological Association, Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Department of Sociology, McMaster University, 2016. 

Alfred Hunter Memorial Award, McMaster University, $3,000, 2015.

Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, $105,000, 2012-2015.

Donald Menzies Bursary, Canadian Association on Gerontology, $1,500, 2014.

Saint Elizabeth Health Care Award for Home Care Research, $5,000, 2014

E.B. Ryan Scholarship for Research on Aging, McMaster University, $1,000, 2013-2014. 

Peters, A., Barken, R., Steeves, K., Holland, A., and Weldrick, R.,  'Mini Social Sciences and Humanities School.’ Student Proposals for Intellectual Community & Engaged Scholarship (SPICES), McMaster University, $3,700, 2014. 

Knight, G., Bradford-Janke, A., Barken, R., Casey, R. and Mahoney, J. Discovery through Discussion: Identifying Senior and Community Research Priorities.  Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging, St. Peter’s Hospital, Sept 18, 2013. Forward with Integrity Funding, McMaster University, $5,000, 2013. 

Ronald Bayne Gerontology Award, McMaster University, $1,000, 2012-2013.

Qualitatives Graduate Student Paper Award, for paper entitled: “Interactionist Perspectives on Care: Caregivers’ interpretations of time and biography”, $150, 2012. 

David Basford Ontario Graduate Scholarship, $15,000, 2011-1012.

Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation Student Research Award, $16,824, 2010-2011.

Joseph Armand Bombardier Master’s Scholarship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, $17,500, 2009-2010. 

University Medal in Social Anthropology, Dalhousie University, 2009. 




PhD Sociology, McMaster University, 2015

MA Sociology, Dalhousie University, 2011

BA Social Anthropology and French, Dalhousie University, 2009


Sociology of Aging. Sociology 3X03. Fall 2016. 

Issues in the Sociology of Aging: Aging and Care. Sociology 4PP3, Fall 2015.  


Selected Publications

Barken, R. Older People’s Experiences of Formal and Family/Friend Care: Reconciling the Tensions Between Needing Care and Feeling Like a Burden. Canadian Journal on Aging, 36(1) (forthcoming).

Grenier, A., Barken, R., Sussman, T., Rothwell, D., & Bourgeois-Guerin, V. (2016). Homelessness Among Older People: Assessing Strategies and Frameworks across Canada. Canadian Review of Social Policy, 74, 1-39.  

Grenier, A., Barken, R., Sussman, T., Rothwell, D., Lavoie, J.P., & Bourgeois-Guérin, V. (2016). Homelessness and Aging in Canada: Defining the Parameters of a Policy and Practice-Relevant Research Agenda. Canadian Journal on Aging, 35(1), 28-41.

Barken, R. Denton, M., Brookman, C., Zeytinoglu, I., & Plenderleith, J. (2015). Home Care Workers' Skills in the Context of Task Shifting: Complexities in Care Work. Canadian Review of Sociology, 52(3), 289-309. 

Denton, M., Zeytinoglu, I., Brookman, C., Plenderleith, J., & Barken, R (2015). Task Shifting in the Provision of Home and Social Care: Implications for Quality of Care. Health & Social Care in the Community, 23(5), 485-492.

Barken, R. (2014). Caregivers’ Interpretations of Time and Biography: The Experiences of Caring for a Spouse with Parkinson’s Disease. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 43(6), 695-719. 

Denton, M., & Barken, R. (2014). Home Care Workers. In The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior, and Society (pp. 1152–1156).  

Barken, R. (2013). A Place to Call Home: Intellectual Disabilities and Institutionalization in Nova Scotia. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 2(1), 51-70.