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Boutmira Souhail

Souhail Boutmira

Graduate Students
Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition


Souhail Boutmira is a recent graduate from Seneca College. He graduated with Honors in Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. Multidisciplinary by excellence, his professional experience includes working for industries such as banking, pharmaceutical and IT with a continuous focus on project implementation as well as conflict resolution. In addition, he volunteers as a mentor for the City of Toronto Community Center; this program uses soccer as a social tool in order to help people with drug dependency issues reintegrate the social life. Souhail enjoys studying politics. He accords special attention to the social movement in the MENA region and how the states are dealing with post Arab Spring economic, political and social challenges. In addition, he is interested in climate changes; Souhail would like to explore the challenges encountered by developing countries when dealing with the environmental issues; the role played by global actors such as the UN, the World Bank and IMF in encouraging renewable energy projects, especially after the signing of the COP21.