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Brueggemann Bettina, Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Goethe University Frankfurt 2016


ECON 724 - Winter 2017, 2018

ECON 4A03 - Winter 2017, 2018 

ECON 3K03 - Fall 2016, 2017 


Working Papers

“Higher Taxes at the Top: The Role of Entrepreneurs” (Job Market Paper)

“Hours Worked in Europe and the US: New Data, New Answers”, with A. Bick and N. Fuchs-Schundeln, revised & resubmitted to the Scandinavian Journal of Economics

“A Note on Data Revisions of Aggregate Hours Worked Series: Implications for the Europe-US Hours Gap”, with A. Bick and N. Fuchs-Schundeln.

“Aggregate and Distributional Effects of Higher Taxes for Top Income Earners”, with J. Yoo.

“The Ideal Loan and Patterns of Cross-Border Bank Lending”, with J. Kleinert and E. Prieto. (Pre-Ph.D)