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Budros Art, Associate Professor

Art Budros

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology

Area(s) of Interest:



Historical-Comparative Macrosociology
Sociology of Slavery
Social Movements
Organizations and Industries
Social Stratification and Mobility


Research Grants

ARB Research Grant, McMaster University; 2002; analysis of slave manumissions in Brunswick County, Virginia, from 1782 to 1862.

ARB Research Grant, McMaster University; 1998; analysis of retrenchment among universities in Ontario, Canada.

ARB Research Grant, McMaster University; 1996; analysis of downsizings among Canadian firms.


Ph.D.,University of California at Los Angeles, 1989



Selected Publications

2005 The Antislavery Movement in Early America: Religion, Social Environment, and Slave Manumissions. Social Forces .

2004 Social Shocks and Slave Social Mobility: Manumission in Brunswick County, Virginia, 1782-1862. American Journal of Sociology 110: 539-579.

2004 Causes of Early and Later Organizational Adoption: The Case of Corporate Downsizing. Sociological Inquiry 74: 355-380.

2002 "Do University Presidents Make a Difference? A Strategic Leadership Theory of University Retrenchment. Canadian Journal of Higher Education 32: 91-124.

2002 The Mean and Lean Firm: Causes of Involuntary and Voluntary Downsizing Strategies. Sociological Forum 17: 307-342.

2001 An Institutional Theory of Organizational Retrenchment: Adoption of Early Faculty Retirement Programs among Ontario Universities. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences 18: 221-236.

2000 "Organizational Types and Organizational Innovation: Downsizing among Industrial, Financial, and Utility Firms." Sociological Forum 15: 273-306.

1999 "A Conceptual Framework for Analyzing Why Organizations Downsize." Organization Science 10: 69-81.

1997 "The New Capitalism and Organizational Rationality: The Adoption of Downsizing Programs, 1979-1994." Social Forces 76: 229-50.

1994 "Analyzing Unexpected Density Dependence Findings in the U.S. Life Insurance Industry." Organization Science 3: 541-53.

1993 "An Analysis of Organizational Birth Types: Organizational Start-ups and Entries in the U.S. Life Insurance Industry." Social Forces 72: 198-222.

1992 "The Making of an Industry: Organizational Births in the U.S. Life Insurance Industry." Social Forces 70: 1013-33.

1988 "Powerlessness, Work, and Community: A Longitudinal Study of Alienation and Alcohol Use." (with Melvin and Alice Seeman).Journal of Health and Social Behavior 29: 185-98.

1983 "The Ethnic Vice Industry Revisited." Ethnic and Racial Studies 6: 438-56.