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Bukowiec Anna Maria

Anna Maria Bukowiec

Graduate Students
Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition


Anna Maria Bukowiec is a recent graduate of McMaster University, having completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in Economics.  She began her journey at McMaster University as a life science student. Despite majoring in the field of science, over time Anna Maria came to the realization that her interests lay with topics such as business cycle trends, unemployment, the impact of technological advancement and trade, not the lifecycle of a cell. It is for this reason that she decided to pursue an Honours degree in Economics. In fact, Anna Maria credit her background in science for allowing her to develop a distinct, comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of economic topics. This summer, Anna Maria has been working at the Harbourfront Centre, a non-profit organization on Toronto’s waterfront. After having worked at the Harbourfront Centre for a few summers, Anna Maria has developed a greater appreciation for the diversity that exists not only, in Toronto, but also in Canada as a whole. Further, she has witnessed first-hand the various skills that we as Canadians have to offer and the beauty that results when we come together to create events that allow us to connect with one another and bring us closer together. Further, this is related to her interest in how Canada can introduce policies and implement changes to cultivate an environment that will sustain economic growth and provide Canadians with a sense of security with better employment opportunities. Her interest in this topic resonates with her strong desire to work in the field of public policy, where her actions have the potential to impact the world around us, by shaping the livelihoods of individuals and circumstances of daily life.