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Cannon Aubrey, Professor


Research & Supervisory Interests

My general interests include archaeological theory, and the archaeology of hunter-gatherer settlement and subsistence, marine-based economies, mortuary practices, and material fashion. I am engaged in fisheries archaeology research on the Northwest Coast and Tonga, which is looking at the temporal and spatial variability of fisheries in relation to environmental, social, demographic, and ideological structures and events.

I also have a research interest in the dialectical relationship between material culture and individual and social attitudes and perceptions. My research has looked at fashions in adornment and housing, but is focused on Victorian gravestones and prehistoric mortuary practices.

I am also more broadly interested in the relationship between archaeology and history, and in the writing of archaeological histories that explicitly incorporate conceptions of structure, agency, and contingency.



PhD Cambridge, 1987


Courses (2016-17)


  • ANTHROP 3DD3 - Archaeology of Death
  • ANTHROP 4F03 - Current Debates in Archaeology



  • ANTHROP 3X03 - Zooarchaeology
  • ANTHROP 738 - Archaeology as History

Courses (2015-16)


  • ANTHROP 2O03 - Themes: History of North America
  • ANTHROP 4HF3 - Archaeology of Hunter-Fisher-Gatherers


  • ANTHROP 2C03 - Archaeology of Enviro Crisis and Response
  • ANTHROP 3DD3 - Archaeology of Death

Courses (2014-15)


  • ANTHROP 2PA3 - Introduction to Anthropological Archaeology
  • ANTHROP 3DD3 - Archaeology of Death


  • ANTHROP 738 - Archaeology as History
  • ANTHROP 3XO3 - Zooarchaeology


Recent Publications

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Cannon, Aubrey
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Cannon, Aubrey
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Cannon, Aubrey (Editor)
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Cannon, Aubrey
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Cannon, Aubrey and Nadia Densmore
2008 A Revised Assessment of Late Period (AD 1 - European Contact) Fisheries at Namu, British Columbia. Canadian Zooarchaeology 25:3-13.

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