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Carter Philippa, Teaching Professor, Chair of Undergraduate Affairs

photo of Philippa Carter

Philippa Carter

Teaching Professor, Chair of Undergraduate Affairs

Department of Religious Studies

Area(s) of Interest:


The Department of Religious Studies at McMaster has been my second home for many years first as a graduate student, then as a sessional lecturer and as a contractually appointed (temporary) member of faculty. Now, as the Department’s teaching professor, I spend the bulk of my time teaching and learning about teaching in the undergraduate program. Each year I teach courses in Level 1, the required Level 3 course “Approaches to the Study of Religion” and one or two courses in Biblical Studies or Religion & Culture in Level 2. My graduate training was in Judaism and Christianity in the Greco-Roman world with a minor in Asian traditions. Many things have changed in the academic study of religion over the years but the rewards of teaching and learning with undergraduates at McMaster are constant.


B.A. Religious Studies, Trinity College, University of Toronto, 1984

M.A. Religious Studies, McMaster University, 1986

Ph.D. Religious Studies, McMaster University, 1992

M.A. Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Sheffield, 2000


Undergraduate Courses 2017/2018

Term I

Religious Studies 2QQ3 - Cults, Conspiracies and Close Encounters

Religious Studies 2YY3 - The Bible and Film

Religious Studies 3F03 - Approaches to the Study of Religion

Term II

Religious Studies 1B03 - What on Earth Is Religion?

Religious Studies 2BB3 - Images of the Divine Feminine

Religious Studies 2RD3 - Religion and Diversity


Please note that my appointment is to the undergraduate program; I do not teach/supervise at the graduate level.