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Contoyannis Paul, Associate Professor | Head of the Health Research Unit (Athens Institute for Education and Research [ATINER])

photo of Paul Contoyannis

Paul Contoyannis

Associate Professor | Head of the Health Research Unit (Athens Institute for Education and Research [ATINER])

Department of Economics

Area(s) of Interest:


Research Interests: Population Health, Health Dynamics, Inequalities in Health, Child Health 



Ph.D. University of York, 2000


ECON 3F03- Methods of Inquiry in Economics - Fall 2004, Fall 2010, Fall 2012-2016

ECON 3Z03 - Introduction to Health Economics - Winter 2005 

ECON 3U03- Econometrics I - Winter 2009-2012, Fall 2012-2014, Winter 2017


ECON 788 - Health Economics - Winter 2002

ECON 769 - Methods for the Analysis of Longitudinal Data - Spring 2003-2004, Winter 2006-2006


Published Papers

Guindon, E. and P. Contoyannis. "A Second Look at Pharmaceutical Spending as a Determinant of Health Outcomes in Canada." Health Economics, forthcoming.

Jones, A., N. Rice., and P. Contoyannis. "The Dynamics of Health." Chapter 2 in the Elgar Companion to Health Economics 2nd Edition edited by A.M. Jones, 2012.

Contoyannis, P. and J. Li.(2011) "The Evolution of Health from Childhood to Adolescence." Journal of Health Economics. vol. 30(1), pages 11-32,

Contoyannis, P. and M. Dooley.(2010) "The Role of Child Health and Economic Status in Educational, Health and Labour Market Outcomes in Young Adulthood." Canadian Journal of Economics(2010) 43, 1, 323-346

Contoyannis., P and Wildman., J (2007) "Using relative distributions to investigate the Body Mass Index in England and Canada'Health Economics (2007) 16: 929-944.

Contoyannis, P., J. Hurley, P. Grootendorst, S-H. Jeon, and R. Tamblyn. "Estimating the Price Elasticity of Expenditure for Prescription Drugs in the Presense of Non-linear Price Schedules: An Illustration from Quebec, Canada." Health Economics (2005) 14: 909-923.

Contoyannis, P., A.M. Jones and N. Rice. "Simulation-Based Inference in Dynamic Panel Probit Models: An Application to Health."Empirical Economics (2004) 29(1), 49-77 (reprinted in 'Panel Data: Theory and Applications' edited by Baltagi., B. Physica-Verlag 2004)

Contoyannis, P., A.M. Jones and R. Leon-Gonzalez. "Using Simulation-Based Inference with Panel Data in Health Economics" Health Economics (2004) 13 (2), 101-122.

Contoyannis, P. and A.M Jones. "Socio-Economic Status, Health and Lifestyle." Journal of Health Economics (2004) 23(5), 965-995.

Contoyannis, P., A.M Jones and N. Rice. "The dynamics of health in the British Household Panel Survey." Journal of Applied Econometrics (2004) 19(4), 473-503.