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Cooper Matthew, Professor Emeritus

Matthew Cooper

Professor Emeritus

Emeritus Faculty
Department of Anthropology


Research & Supervisory Interests

In recent years, my research interests have centred on two main themes: (1) the relations between communities and the larger social and economic processes that affect them and (2) how histories are created and represented, especially through the uses of space. My current research on the first theme concerns culture, space, and built form, especially in urban settings. Specifically, I have carried out research on housing and, to some degree, on planning in Canada. Some of the issues I have studied have to do with the relation between ideology and practice in building communities, the political economy of housing, housing and cultural difference, cultural aspects of design, and spatial discourses. The second thematic research area has to do with spatial practices, landscape, and historical representation. For several years I have been carrying out research on the social production of historic restoration sites and museums.  Finally, I am currently undertaking research on research ethics.


PhD Yale, 1970


3L03 - History of Anthropology

4B03 - Ethics in Anthropological Research



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