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Cuff Katherine, Professor | Canada Research Chair in Public Economic Theory | Editor, FinanzArchiv/Public Finance Analysis

Katherine Cuff

Professor | Canada Research Chair in Public Economic Theory | Editor, FinanzArchiv/Public Finance Analysis

Department of Economics

Area(s) of Interest:


Katherine Cuff is one of the recipients of the recently created honorific title, University Scholar.  The spirit is intended to honour more junior faculty who have "already distinguished themselves as international scholars."

Research Interests: Optimal Taxation, Fiscal Federalism, Tax Competition


Ph.D. Queens University 2000

M.A. York University 1995


ECON 3F03 Methods of Inquiry in Economics - Fall 2017

ECON 3C03 Public Sector Economics:  Taxation - Winter 2018


Recent Publications

Buckley, N., K. Cuff, J. Hurley, S. Mestelman, S. Thomas, and D. Cameron (2016) "Should I stay or should I go? Exit options within mixed systems of public and private health care finance."  Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 131B, 62-77.

Boadway, R. and K. Cuff (2015) "Tax Treatment of Bequests when Donor Benefits are Discounted," International Tax and Public Finance 22, 604-634.

Buckley, N., K. Cuff, J. Hurley, S. Mestelman,  S. Thomas, and  D. Cameron (2015) "Support for Public Provision of a Private Good with Top-Up and Opt-Out:  A Controlled Laboratory Experiment,"  Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 111, 177-196.

Boadway, R. and K. Cuff, (2014) "Monitoring and Optimal Income Taxation with Involuntary Unemployment," Annals of Economics and Statistics, 113/114, 121-157.

Boadway, R. and K. Cuff, (2014) "The Recent Evolution of Redistribution in Canada," in Keith Banting and John Myles, eds., The Fading of Redistributive Politics:  Inequality and the Politics of Social Policy. (UBC Press: Vancouver).

Cuff, K., J. Hurley, S. Mestelman, A. Muller, and R. Nuscheler (2012) "Public and Private Health Care Financing with Alternate Public Rationing Rules," Health Economics 21, 83-100.

Cuff, K., S. Hong, J. Schwartz, Q. Wen, and J. Weymark, (2012) "Dominant Strategy Implementation with a Convex Product Space of Valuations," Social Choice and Welfare 39, 567-597. 

Buckley, N., K. Cuff, J. Hurley, L. McLeod, R. Nuscheler, and D. Cameron, (2012) "Willingness-to-Pay for Parallel Private Health Insurance: Evidence from a Laboratory Experiment," Canadian Journal of Economics 45, 137-166.

Buckley, N., D. Cameron, K. Cuff, J. Hurley, L. McLeod, S. Mestelman, (2012) "An Experimental Investigation of Mixed Systems of Public and Private Finance," Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 84, 713-729.

Cuff, K., N. Marceau, S. Mongrain, and J. Roberts (2011) "Optimal Policies and the Informal Sector," Journal of Public Economics 59, 1280-1291.

Hurley, J., N. Buckley, K. Cuff, M. Giacomini, and D. Cameron (2011) "Judgments Regarding the Fair Division of Goods: The Impact of Verbal versus Quantitative Descriptions of Alternative Divisions," Social Choice and Welfare 37, 341-372.