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Dooley Martin, Professor Emeritus

photo of Martin Dooley

Martin Dooley

Professor Emeritus

Emeritus Faculty
Department of Economics

Secure Empirical Analysis Lab (SEAL)

Area(s) of Interest:


Research Interests: Health Economics, Labour Economics, Population Economics, Economics of Education


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin 1977


ECON 3F03- Methods of Inquiry in Economics- Fall 2015

ECON 4A03- Honours Seminar Economics- Winter 2016


Recent Research Papers

Dooley, Martin and Cesar Furtado. "ESL Policy Reform and Student Academic Achievement." Canadian Public Policy, 39, 1, 2013:21-43.

Dooley, Martin, Abigail Payne and Leslie Robb. "Persistence and Academic Success in University." Canadian Public Policy, 38, 3, 2012: 315-337.

Dooley, Martin, Abigail Payne and Leslie Robb. "The Impact of Cost on the Choice of University: Evidence from Ontario." Canadian Journal of Economics, 45, 2, 2012: 755-783.

Card, David, Martin Dooley and Abigail Payne. "School Competition and Efficiency with Publicly Funded Catholic Schools." American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2, 4, 2010: 150-176.

"The Role Of Child Health And Economic Status In Educational, Health And Labour Market Outcomes In Young Adulthood"  Canadian Journal of Economics, 43, 1, 2010: 323-346. (With Paul Contoyannis.)

"University Participation and Income Differences: An Analysis of Applications by Ontario Secondary School Students," Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, September 2009. (With Abigail Payne and Les Robb.)

"An Open and Shut Case: Catholic and Public School Choices in Ontario," C.D. Howe institute Backgrounder, October 2008. (With David Card and Abigail Payne.)

"Welfare Policy, Language Group and the Duration of Lone Motherhood Spells " Canadian Public Policy 34, 1, 2008: 37-64 (With Ross Finnie.)

"Family Income, Parenting Styles and Child Behavioural-Emotional OutcomesHealth Economics 16, 2, 2007:145-162. (With Jennifer Stewart.)

"Exploring the Good Mother Hypothesis:  Do Child Outcomes Vary with the Mother's Share of Income?"  Canadian Public Policy 31, 2, 2005:  123-144.  (With Ellen Lipman and Jennifer Stewart).

"Family Income and Child Outcomes in Canada." Canadian Journal of Economics November 37, 4, 2004: 898-917. (With Jennifer Stewart)

"Child Well-Being and Neighbourhood Quality: Evidence from the Canadian National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth"Social Science and Medicine 58, 10, 2004: 1917-1927. (With Lori Curtis and Shelley Phipps. Curtis is first author.)

"Guaranteed Merit-Based Scholarships and the Characteristics of Entering Students at Ontario Universities" (With A. Abigail Payne and A. Leslie Robb.)

"The Impact of the National Child Benefit on Low Income Households: Estimates Using the Longitudinal Administrative Database" (With Ross Finnie and Mike Veall), Working paper, 2004.