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Evans Marcus, Ph.D. Student, Asian Field

Marcus Evans

Ph.D. Student, Asian Field

Graduate Students
Department of Religious Studies

Area(s) of Interest:


Marcus is a second-year doctoral student in Religion & Social Sciences (major) and East Asian Religions (minor). His current research looks at intersections between African American and Asian religions. These intersections pertain to African Americans' imagination(s) and appropriation(s) of Asia and Asian religious repertoire as reflected in popular culture, Afrocentric literature, and contemporary religious practices and/or sentiments. Lived experience, contingencies and meaningful possibilities, personal and social cultivation of subjectivity, and psycho-somatic processes of self-transformation are themes that tend to shape his research approach.   

He is also interested in:

  • Theory and Method in the Study of Religion
  • Comparative Studies on Embodiment and Self-cultivation (Body & Religion)
  • Phenomenology of Religion & Phenomenological Anthropology
  • Emotions and Religious Aesthetics
  • Religion and Popular Culture (Hip-Hop and Film)
  • Asian Religions


  • Western Kentucky University, BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies, 2006
  • Western Kentucky University, MA in Religious Studies (2014)
    • MA Thesis: "Shinto: An Experience of Being at Home in the World"
    • MA Committee: Paul Fischer, Jeffrey Samuels, Lindsey Powell (died: 2013), and Eric Bain-Selbo


Teaching Experience

  • Religious Studies 103: Introduction to Asian Religions. Fall 2014-Winter 2015. Western Kentucky University.

TA Experience

  • Religious Studies 103. Introduction to Asian Religions, taught by Dr. Jeffery Samuels. 2011-2012. Western Kentucky University.
  • Religious Studies 101.    Introduction to Religion, taught by Dr. Paul Fischer. 2012-2013. Western Kentucky University.
  • Religious Studies. 3E03  Japanese Religions and Films, taught by Dr. Mark Rowe. Fall 2015. McMaster University.
  • Religious Studies. 1J03   Great Books of Asia, taught by Joseph LaRose. Winter 2016. McMaster University
  • Religious Studies 1B06   What on Earth is Religion? Taught by Philippa Carter. Fall 2016-Winter 2017. McMaster University


Conference Presentations

  • "East Asian Religious Dimensions of the Wu-Tang Clan: Racial and Religious Transcendence in the Imagination of Rza." Forthcoming presentation at the American Academy of Religion, Boston, MA, November 2017.