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Fletcher Beatrice

photo of Beatrice Fletcher

Beatrice Fletcher

PhD Students
Department of Anthropology


I received my B.Arts Sc. at McMaster University in 2016, where I completed a combined honours program in Arts & Science and Anthropology. During my undergraduate studies, I held a research assistantship at Sustainable Archaeology McMaster and worked as a member of the Stelida Naxos Archaeological Project excavation team. After completing my bachelor’s, I have contributed to projects in Ontario, Oregon, England, and British Columbia while continuing my involvement in research and policy development at Sustainable Archaeology McMaster.

My PhD research involves the XRF analysis of soil cores from a variety of Southern Ontario contexts using an ITRAX core scanner. My thesis investigates anthropogenic signatures of human occupation while demonstrating the broader utility of geoarchaeological methods, including chemo-stratigraphy, at multiple scales of archaeological analysis. I am particularly interested in the chemical impacts of ephemeral hunter-gatherer movement. My research speaks to human impacts on soil chemistry, landscape use patterns, and the potential resolution of archaeological data.