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Gillespie Tozer Dana

Dana Gillespie Tozer

Sessional Faculty, Graduate Students
School of Social Work


Supervisor: Dr. Stephanie Baker Collins
Committee Members: Dr. Jane Aronson and Dr. Saara Greene

Dana is pleased to be working on her PhD within McMaster’s School of Social Work. She has previously completed both her BA/BSW (02) and MSW (13) at McMaster, and sees the campus as a defining part of her community. Dana approaches her academic work and research from a critical feminist theoretical frame, and is informed by her front line and leadership experience, as well as advocacy work, within the anti-violence against women movement.

Dana's doctoral research explores how current treatment programs are experienced by women criminalized with 'domestic violence' offences: how responsive modalities rooted in male models of violence and abuse are to their own experiences of violence, what are the residual impacts of a lack of gender-specific programming and potentially useful alternatives. In addition to her research, Dana has a passion for teaching and learning, and is interested in critically-informed approaches to social work practice.