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Gilmour Rebecca, Assistant Professor, CLA

Rebecca Gilmour

Assistant Professor, CLA

Contract and Sessional Faculty
Department of Anthropology

Area(s) of Interest:


My research unites palaeopathological and biomechanical analyses in the investigation of human diversity, adaptation, and experiences of health. My ongoing research project investigates the long-term consequences of limb trauma on mobility and activity at Roman sites in Italy, Britain, Austria, and Hungary. By questioning presumed links between pathology and impairment in the Roman Empire, my studies speak to human experiences and resilience; contribute to the growing bioarchaeological discourse on diversity, adaptation, disability, and care; and provide insight into lifestyles in (Roman) peripheral regions.


Research & Teaching Interests: Bioarchaeology, palaeopathology, trauma and fractures, bone biomechanics, human experience, bone loss, impairment and disability, human variation and adaptation, Roman bioarchaeology



PhD McMaster University

MSc Durham University

BA (hons) Simon Fraser University