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Glavin Paul, Associate Professor

photo of Paul Glavin

Paul Glavin

Associate Professor

Social Psychology Program

Department of Sociology

Area(s) of Interest:

Research Snaps



Sociology of Work and Occupations; Sociology of Mental Health; Quantitative Methods

Research Grants 

2010: Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). “Demands and Resources in Work and Family Life and their Implications for Stress and Health among Canadians.” Principal Investigator: Scott Schieman, $800,240.

2013: McMaster University Arts Research Board Grant, “The Meaning and Health Consequences of Job Insecurity Across the Life Course.” Principal Investigator, $6,671.


  • Ph.D. Sociology, University of Toronto, 2012
  • M.A. Sociology, Kent State University, Ohio, 2006
  • B.Sc. Technology & Business Studies, University of Strathclyde, 2000


Selected Publications


Glavin, Paul and Marisa Young. 2017. "Insecure People in Insecure Places: The Influence of Regional Unemployment on Workers' Reactions to the Threat of Job Loss." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 58(2): 232-251.

Schieman, Scott and Paul Glavin. 2017. “Ironic Flexibility: When Normative Role Blurring Undermines the Benefits of Schedule Control.” The Sociological Quarterly 58(1):51-71.

Schieman, Scott and Paul Glavin. 2016. “The Pressure-Status Nexus and Blurred Work-Family Boundaries ” Work and Occupations 41(1):3-37.

Glavin, Paul. 2015. “Perceived Job Insecurity and Health: Do Duration and Timing Matter?” The Sociological Quarterly 56(2):300-328.

Glavin, Paul and Amanda Peters. 2015. “The Costs of Caring: Caregiver Strain and Work-Family Conflict Among Canadian Workers.” Journal of Family and Economic Issues 36:5-20.

Glavin, Paul and Scott Schieman. 2014. “Control in the Face of Uncertainty: Is Job Insecurity a Challenge to the Mental Health Benefits of Control Beliefs?” Social Psychology Quarterly 77(4):319-343.

Glavin, Paul. 2013. “The Impact of Job Insecurity and Job Degradation on the Sense of Personal Control.” Work and Occupations 40:115-142.

Glavin, Paul and Scott Schieman. 2012. “Work-Family Role Blurring and Work-Family Conflict: The Moderating Influence of Job Resources and Job Demands.” Work and Occupations 39:71-98.

Glavin, Paul, Scott Schieman, and Sarah Reid. 2011 “Boundary-Spanning Work Demands and Their Consequences for Guilt and Psychological Distress.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 52:43-57.

Schieman, Scott and Paul Glavin. 2011. "Education and Work-to-Family Conflict: Explanations, Contingencies, and Mental Health Consequences.” Social Forces 89:1341-1362

Glavin, Paul and Scott Schieman. 2010. “Interpersonal Context at Work and the Frequency, Appraisal, and Consequences of Boundary-Spanning Demands.” The Sociological Quarterly 51:205-225.

Schieman, Scott, Melissa Milkie, and Paul Glavin. 2009. “When Work Interferes with Life: Work-Nonwork Interference and the Influence of Work-Related Demands and Resources.” American Sociological Review 74(6):966-988.

Schieman, Scott and Paul Glavin. 2008. “Trouble at the Border? Gender, Flexibility at Work, and the Work-Home Interface.” Social Problems 55(4):590-611.