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Gorial Moreen

Moreen Gorial

Graduate Students
Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition


Moreen Gorial is a graduate of McMaster University, Class of 2017. She graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science, majoring in Life Science. Moreen enjoys studying international human health, government, society, environment, culture and politics (international governing). She chose to continue her studies at McMaster because of its unique initiative and learning opportunities. Throughout her undergraduate studies, Moreen regularly volunteered with various human rights initiatives, such as Life of a Mesopotamian Refugee (raising money to help the refugees of Iraq and Syria). Moreen is most passionate about working to make a positive impact in the world. As such, she hopes to be an instrument for change by working with organizations such as the United Nations, Government Agencies, or Non-Governmental Organizations. This summer, Moreen worked with Dr. Tristian Carter on the Stélida Naxos Archaeological Project in Naxos, Greece.