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Graefe Peter, Associate Professor

photo of Peter Graefe

Peter Graefe

Associate Professor

Department of Political Science

Associate Members
School of Labour Studies

Area(s) of Interest:


Research and Supervision

Peter Graefe's research interests flow from a broad interest in Canadian political economy and public policy, and include: social and economic development policies in Quebec and Ontario; provincial social assistance policies; and federal and provincial intergovernmental relations strategies.


  • PhD. Université de Montréal, 2003
  • MA York University, 1996
  • BA (Hons.) McGill University, 1995


On Research Leave (July 2015-June 2016)


Edited Book

  • Peter Graefe, Julie M. Simmons and Linda A. White (eds.) 2013. Overpromising and Underperforming: Understanding and Evaluating New Intergovernmental Accountability Regimes.  Toronto:  University of Toronto Press, 336 pp.

Refereed Journal Articles (selected)

  • Simmons, Julie M. and Peter Graefe 2013 "Assessing the Collaboration That Was “Collaborative Federalism” 1996-2006".Canadian Political Science Review, 7, 1, 25-36.
  • Hudson, Carol-Anne and Peter Graefe 2011 [Fall 2012].  The Toronto Origins of Ontario’s 2008 Poverty Reduction Strategy:  Mobilizing Multiple Channels for Progressive Social Policy Change.  Canadian Review of Social Policy 65-66, 1-15.
  • Graefe, Peter and Mario Levesque 2010. Accountability and Funding as Impediments to Social Policy Innovation: Lessons from the Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities. Canadian Public Policy, 36, 1, 45-62.
  • Graefe, P. and A. Bourns 2009. The gradual defederalization of Canadian health policy.  Publius:  The Journal of Federalism 39, 1, 287-309.
  • Graefe, P. 2006. The Social Economy and the American Model. Global Social Policy, 6, 2. 197-219.
  • Graefe, P. 2006. State Restructuring, Social Assistance and Canadian Intergovernmental Relations: Same Scales, New Tune.Studies in Political Economy, 78, 93-117.
  • Graefe, P. 2006. Social Economy Policies as Flanking for Neoliberalism: Transnational Policy Solutions, Emergent Contradictions, Local Alternatives. Policy and Society, 23, 3, 69-86.
  • Graefe, P. 2005. The contradictory political economy of minority nationalism. Theory and Society, 34, 5-6, 519-549.

Book Chapters and Reports (since 2008)

  • Graefe, P. 2015. Quebec Nationalism and Quebec Politics, from Left to Right.  In C. Smith & B. Evans (eds.) Transforming Provincial Politics: The Political Economy of Canada’s Provinces and Territories in the Era of Neoliberalism. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

  • Graefe, Peter. 2014. Development policies in Ontario and Quebec:  Thinking about Structures of Representation.  In L. Turgeon, M. Papillon, J. Wallner & S. White (eds) Canada Compared: Methods and Perspectives on Canadian Politics.  Vancouver: UBC Press, 271-291.
  • Graefe, P. 2014. L’État canadien.  In A-G. Gagnon (ed.) La politique québécoise et canadienne.  Une approche pluraliste. Quebec:  Presses de l’Université du Québec, 37-66.
  • Graefe, Peter and Brent Toye 2014.  Minority Nationalism in a Time of Austerity.  In Stephen McBride and Donna Baines (eds.)Orchestrating Austerity.  Halifax: Fernwood.

  • Graefe, P. & R. Laforest 2013. Ontario and social policy reform:  From offside to offensive?.  In M. Mendelsohn, J. Hjartarson & J. Pearce (eds) Canada: The State of the Federation 2010 – Shfiting Power: The New Ontario and What it Means for Canada. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 125-143.
  • Graefe, P. & A. Orasch 2013.  Family Policy in Ontario and Quebec:  Different from Afar or Far from Different,” in J-F. Savard, A. Brassard & L. Côté (eds) Quebec Ontario Relations:  A Shared Destiny (Quebec: Presses de l’Université du Quebec), 145-165.
  • Levesque, M. & P. Graefe. 2013. “Not Good Enough:  Canada’s Stalled Disability Policy,” in C. Stoney & G. B. Doern (eds) How Ottawa Spends 2013-2014.   Montreal:  McGill-Queen’s University Press, 172-183.

  • Graefe, P. 2012.  Whither the Quebec Model?  Boom, Bust and Quebec Labour,” in J. Peters (ed.) Boom, Bust and Crisis: Labour, Corporate Power and Politics in Canada.  Halifax:  Fernwood Publishing. 125-141.
  • Graefe, P. 2012. Québec Labour:  Days of Glory or the Same Old Story.  In S. Ross & L. Savage (eds.) Rethinking the Politics of Labour in Canada.  Halifax:  Fernwood Publishing.  62-74.
  • Bourns, A. & P. Graefe 2011.  “Implementing a National Vision”:  The Romanow Report’s Three Federalisms.  In M. Behiels & F. Rocher (eds.) The State in Transition:  Challenges for Canadian Federalism.  Ottawa:  Invenire Books.  197-216.
  • Graefe, P. 2010.  The politics of social and economic development in Quebec.  In S. Gervais, C. Kirkey & J. Rudy (eds.) Quebec Questions:  Quebec Studies for the Twenty-First Century.  New York:  Oxford University Press. 357-370
  •  Graefe, P. 2009. Les stratégies de relance et le projet de démocratiser l’économie.  In É. Montpetit (ed.) La Crise et la gauche.  Montréal :  Boréal. 121-133.
  • Graefe, P. 2008.  The Spending Power and Federal Social Policy Leadership: A Prospective View, IRPP Policy Matters, vol. 9, no. 3, pp. 53-106.