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Greene Merrill, Ph.D. Student, Biblical Field

Merrill Greene

Ph.D. Student, Biblical Field

Graduate Students
Department of Religious Studies

Area(s) of Interest:


Merrill's interests focus on early Jewish and Christian demonology, exorcism, and possession narratives. His supervisor is Dr. Daniel Machiela.


  • McMaster University, M.A. in Religious Studies, 2014
  • Crandall University, B.A. in Religious Studies, 2012


TA Experience

  • Archaeology and the Bible (1AB3)
  • What on Earth is Religion? (1B06)
  • Death and Dying: The Western Experience (2N03)


Academic Presentations

  • "Close Encounters of a Spiritual kind: Parallels in Abduction and Demonic Possession Narratives" Paper presented at UFOs, Aliens, and the Academy: An Interdisciplinary Conference, May 27, 2017, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario.