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Hashemi Adel, Ph.D. Student, Western Field

Adel Hashemi

Ph.D. Student, Western Field

Graduate Students
Department of Religious Studies

Area(s) of Interest:


Adel is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Religious Studies. He is interested in the study of Shi’ite Islam with special attention to the ideas of political authority, jihad, and martyrdom. His dissertation is on the development of the concept of martyrdom in Twelver Shi’ism, and is being written under the supervision of Dr. Liyakat Takim.


  • Australian National University, M.A. in Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, 2011
  • Allameh Tabatabaei University (Tehran, Iran), M.A. in Social Sciences (Social Welfare Planning), 2006
  • Iran University of Science & Technology, B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, 2003


Teaching Experience

  • Death and Dying: Comparative Views (2M03), McMaster University, Fall 2017

TA Experience

  • Death & Dying: Comparative Views (RS 2M03)
  • Introduction to Islam (RS 2Q03)
  • What on Earth Is Religion? (1B06)
  • World Religions (1B06)


Journal Articles

  • “The Shi'i Concept of Imamate and Leadership in Modern Iran: the Case of Religious Modernists.” Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses 40 (2012): 1-18.
  • “Is Shi’ism Heterodox? A Critical Study From the Historical Viewpoint.” The International Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Society 1 (2011): 155-163.
  • “Imamate and Leadership: the Case of the Shi'a Fundamentalists in Modern Iran.” Canadian Social Science 6 (2010): 192­–205.
  • “The Invention of Islamic History.” International Journal of the Humanities 8 (2010): 255-264.
  • “Has the Information Revolution In Muslim Societies Created New Publics?” Muslim World Journal of Human Rights 7 (2010): DOI: 10.2202/1554-4419.1187.