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Hinton Travis

Travis Hinton

Graduate Students
Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition


Travis Hinton completed his Honors B.A. class of 2017 at Laurentian University, with a specialization in Economics and a Minor in Psychology. He has focused his studies towards progressive economics and critical issues we face today. Including globalization and its economic effects on society, international trade, inequality, and the current condition of the Canadian Economy. He has attended many panels and discussions concerning austerity, spending and investment, and the consequences of growing inequality. Some notable conferences he recently attended were, “The Post-Keynesian Cross Border Conference: Inequality, Finance and Secular Stagnation” (Fields Institute, May 2016), and recently The History of Economics Society’s, “HES Annual Conference” (University of Toronto, June 2017). With the current climate becoming more conflicted towards globalization and its place in the future. Travis is interested in studying the structure of trade deals that are in place, the direction we need to embark upon to see a decrease in the staggering levels of inequality, and the economic stagnation being observed within many nations, specifically those who possess advanced economies.