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Hogan Mikaila

photo of Mikaila Hogan

Mikaila Hogan

MA Students
Department of Anthropology


Mikaila completed her BA in Anthropology at the University of Victoria in 2019. Her interest in paleopathology and osteology lead to participation in a Mortuary Archaeology field school in Poland. Mikaila then turned her focus to the cultural construction and social implications of disease among the living. Her Honours project in Medical Anthropology adopted a biocultural approach to research the effects of ageism and HIV-related stigma on older adults’ social networks. As part of this research, Mikaila helped create educational resources for a sexual health clinic in Victoria, BC. 

Mikaila’s research project at McMaster will continue looking at the experiences of older adults, with and without HIV, in an age of HIV as a chronic manageable condition.