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Johri Alok, Professor


Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics


Ph.D. Boston University 1996


ECON 723- Fall 2015

ECON 741- Fall 2015

ECON 4TT3- Advanced Economic Theory II- Winter 2016

ECON 724- Winter 2016

ECON 742- Winter 2016


Recent Research Papers

Gunn, C.M. and A. Johri (2015) Financial News, Banks and Business Cycles. Forthcoming, Macroeconomic Dynamics.

Gunn, C.M. and A. Johri (2013) An expectations-driven interpretation of the "Great Recession." Journal of Monetary Economics Elsevier, vol. 60(4), pages 391-407.

Johri, A., M-A Letendre and D. Luo  (2011) "Organizational Capital and the International Co-movement of Investment," Journal of Macroeconomics. Volume 33:4, 511-523.

Gunn, C.M. and A. Johri (2011) "News and Knowledge Capital," Review of Economic Dynamics.14 (1),  92-101.

Johri, A. (2009) "Delivering Endogenous Inertia in Prices and Output." Review of Economic Dynamics 12(4), 736-754.

Clarke, A.J. and A. Johri (2009) "Procyclical Solow Residuals without Technology Shocks," Macroeconomic Dynamics 13(3).

Johri, A. and A. Lahiri (2008) "Persistent Real Exchange Rates," Journal of International Economics. 76(2), 223-236.

Working Papers

  1. Alok Johri & Terry Yip, 2015. "Financial Shocks, Customer Capital and the Trade Collapse of 2008-2009," Department of Economics Working Papers 2015-13, McMaster University.
  2. Alok Johri & Muhebullah Karimzada, 2015. "Learning Efficiency Shocks, Knowledge Capital and the Business Cycle : A Bayesian Evaluation," Department of Economics Working Papers 2015-11, McMaster University.
  3. Kegiang Hou & Alok Johri, 2013. "Intangible Capital and the Excess Volatility of Aggregate Profits," Department of Economics Working Papers 2013-04, McMaster University.
  4. Christopher M. Gunn & Alok Johri, 2011. "News, Intermediation Efficiency and Expectations-driven Boom-bust Cycles,"Department of Economics Working Papers 2011-02, McMaster University.
  5. Alok Johri & Bidyut Kumar Talukdar, 2011. "Organizational Capital and Optimal Ramsey Taxation," Department of Economics Working Papers 2011-09, McMaster University.