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Kroeker Travis, Professor

photo of Travis Kroeker

Travis Kroeker


Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition

Department of Religious Studies

Area(s) of Interest:


Research Interests

My teaching and research attend critically to the place of theology and ethics in western thought and culture.  I am interested in the intellectual and cultural premises underlying the growing dominance of the technological paradigm in modern and postmodern societies, and in the religious, moral and socio-political implications of this spiritual shift in human self-understanding.  I explore these and related questions through the comparative study of classic texts and traditions–the Bible, Plato, Augustine–and modern/postmodern works of literature, philosophy, theology and ethics.  Current research interests include messianic ethics and political theology, and the relationship between immortality, ethics and political judgement in selected ancient and modern theologies.  For a list of MA theses and PhD dissertations I have supervised, see the above linked CV.


  • University of Chicago, Ph.D. in Religious Studies, 1989




Journal Articles

  • “Technology as Principality: The Elimination of Incarnation,” Pro Ecclesia XXIV, 2 (Spring 2015): 162-177.
  • “Gulag Ethics: Russian and Mennonite Prison Memoirs from Siberia,” with Bruce Ward, Journal of Mennonite Studies, special issue on “Mennonites in Siberia,” ed. Royden Loewen & Paul Toews (2012): 249-266.
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  •  “Eschatology and Ethics: Luther and the Radical Reformers,” Consensus 27/1 (2001): 9-25.
  •  “Why O’Donovan’s Christendom is not Constantinian and Yoder’s Voluntariety is not Hobbesian: A Debate in Theological Politics Redefined,” The Annual of the Society of Christian Ethics 20 (2000): 41-64.
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  •  “The Peaceable Creation: Stanley Hauerwas and the Mennonites,” Conrad Grebel Review 13/2 (Spring 1995): 136-41.
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  •  “The Theological Politics of Plato and Isaiah: A Debate Revisited,” The Journal of Religion 73/1 (January 1993): 16-30.
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  •  “Canada’s Catholic Bishops and the Economy: A Theological Ethical Analysis,” Toronto Journal of Theology 2/1 (Spring 1986): 3-18.


Book Chapters 

  • “Technology as Principality: The Elimination of Incarnation,” Life Amid the Principalities, ed. Michael Root and James J. Buckley, Pro Ecclesia series, volume 6 (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2016), 99-116.
  • “Augustine’s Messianic Political Theology: An Apocalyptic Critique of Political Augustinianism,” in Augustine and Apocalyptic, ed. John Doody, Kari Kloos, Kim Paffenroth, Augustine in Conversation: Tradition and Innovation series (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2014): 129-149.
  • “Jesus is the Bread of Life: Johannine Sign and Deed in The Violent Bear It Away,” in Dark Faith: New Essays on Flannery O’Connor’s The Violent Bear It Away, ed. Susan Srigley (South Bend, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2012): 136-56.
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