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Kutt Jacqueline, PhD Student

Jacqueline Kutt

PhD Student

Contract and Sessional Faculty, Graduate Students
Department of Sociology

Area(s) of Interest:


As a sociologist, researcher, long-term partner and mother of four now mostly grown children, I am interested in theory and practice rooted in reality in light of individual and social relations and the many connections we make with others throughout our life because of our similar or different interests, skills and life conditions. Hence, I am respective of transitions that highlight challenges and successes that we experience through social relations that begin in our homes but enter into work, private and professional spheres. This means I maintain a strong interest in research practices, academic scholarship and studies that continue to provide us a way to know more about what makes integrative societies work, while we also work to maintain our various systems that address many differences in states of health, well-being and social learning. 


Ph.D. In progress. 2013. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

M.A. Sociology. 2013. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Hons.B.A. Health Studies and Sociology. 2012. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario


Doctoral research:

Supervisor: Professor Cyril Levitt
Committee members: Professors' Dorothy Pawluch and William Shaffir


Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant,

2013-2014: Sociology of Deviance, 2CO6. Associate Professor Dorothy Pawluch, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

2012-2013: Sociology of Family, 2UO6. Assistant Professor Sandra Colavecchia, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

Guest Lecturer,

Winter 2015: Health, Aging and Society, 4LO3. On social policy and aging, at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

Fall 2014: European Sociological Theory, 3AO3E. On Durkheim, Emile, The Elementary Forms of Religious Life, Transl. and Intro. by Karen E. Fields. New York: The Free Press, 1995 [1912] at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.



Research Interests

Scientific work, terms, theory and practice, knowledge, pragmatist thought, qualitative research non-mathematical model, substantive principles, sociological theories, dyadic relations and conceptions of personal and social identity, self, ego, and persona as well as the significance of group membership, intellective processes and emotional bonds express the core and breadth of my interests. At this time, I am conducting a comparative theoretical study for my dissertation. This study is based upon the writings of two sociological scholars whose work developed in the late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Emile Durkheim, a classical European sociologist and Charles Horton Cooley, an American sociologist. Each produced significantly different knowledge, theories and sociological conceptions about human relations, social relations, human communication and nature with selected writings by Lawrence Krader, a philosopher, scientist and anthropologist whose work is not widely referenced in sociology. Krader was born and educated in New York City, however, he spent his mature scholarly years abroad; throughout the mid-to-late twentieth century he worked in Berlin as both a Professor and Director of the Institute of Ethnology at Freie Universität, and as an ethnologist and critical thinker of Karl Marx's scholarship, learned scholar in the field of mathematical logic, ancient and modern philosophy and the philosophy of science, writer and editor, international lecturer, and critical theoretician. (See Labor & Value, "Lawrence Krader In Memoriam" by Levitt and Hay, p. vii-viii. New York: Peter Lang, 2003.)

Research Experience

Research Assistant,

2014-present: The Lawrence Krader Research Project. Professor Cyril Levitt, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

Qualitative Research Work,

2011 Winter: Department of Sociology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.