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LaRose Joseph

Joseph LaRose

Contract and Sessional Faculty
Department of Religious Studies


Research Interests

My research is focused on Indian Buddhist monasticism, particularly as it is represented by the monastic law code (vinaya) of the Mūlasarvāstivāda school of Buddhism. My dissertation is focused on part of this law code, the Carmavastu, or "Section on Leather." I am interested in understanding the inclusion of narrative elements in monastic literature and their development into independent genres such as the avadāna and the jātaka.


Courses Taught


Sanskrit 3A06: Introduction to Sanskrit Grammar
Sanskrit 4B06: Intermediate Sanskrit Grammar
Religious Studies 1B06: World Religions
Religious Studies 1J03: Great Books in Asian Religions
Religious Studies 2I03: Storytelling in Indian Religion
Religious Studies 2K03: Introduction to Buddhism
Religious Studies/Arts&Science 3L03: The Indian Religious Tradition
Religious Studies/Arts&Science 3S03: East Asian Religion
Religious Studies/Arts&Science 3UU3: East Asian Buddhism