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Machiela Daniel, Associate Professor | Chair of the Department of Religious Studies

photo of Daniel Machiela

Daniel Machiela

Associate Professor | Chair of the Department of Religious Studies

Department of Religious Studies

Area(s) of Interest:


Research Interests

My teaching and research interests are situated around the history, literature, archeology, and social milieu of ancient Judaism. This includes the formation and reception of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the Jewish setting of the New Testament, but my published work has focused especially on the Dead Sea Scrolls and early Jewish interpretation of Scripture. I am currently working on an advanced introduction to the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls, which will deal with issues ranging from scribal characteristics and linguistic dialect to religious worldview and relations to other ancient Jewish literature. In my seminars I tend to encourage direct engagement with primary texts and relevant ancient languages.


  • Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, 2007
  • M.A. Jerusalem University College, 2000
  • B.B.A. Grand Valley State University, 1998




  • The Five Books of Moses (RS 2DD3)
  • Earliest Portraits of Jesus (RS 2GG3)
  • The Bible as Literature (RS 2VV3/Comp.Lit. 2GO3)
  • Psalms and Wisdom in the Hebrew Bible (RS 3MO3)
  • The Jewish World at the Time of the New Testament (RS/HIST 3DD3)


  • Between Rewritten Bible and Biblical Commentary:  The “Rewritten Bible” in Second Temple Judaism  (RS 747)
  • Readings in Aramaic Texts: Biblical Aramaic and the Dead Sea Scrolls (RS 739)
  • Topics in Rabbinic Judaism: Introduction to Early Rabbinic Hermeneutics (RS 744)
  • Topics in Early Jewish Literature – The Origins and Early History of Biblical Commentary (RS 747)
  • The Septuagint: Literary character, historical context, and reception (RS 747/761)




Edited Volumes

  • Reconfiguring the Study of Ancient Hebrew: The Seventh International Symposium on the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Ben Sira. Edited with Jan Joosten and Jean-Sebastien Rey. STDJ; Leiden/Boston: Brill, forthcoming 2017.
  • A Teacher for All Generations: Essays in Honor of James C. VanderKamVolume Two. Edited with Kelley Coblentz Bautch and Angela Kim Harkins. JSJSup 153; Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2011.

Journal Articles