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Magee Lonnie, Professor Emeritus


Research Interests: Econometrics 


Ph.D. University of Western Ontario 1984


SOC SCI 2J03- Introduction to Statistics- Fall 2015

ECON 2B03- Analysis of Economic Data I- Fall 2015

SOC SCI 2J03- Introduction to Statistics- Winter 2016

ECON 762- Winter 2016


Recent Research Papers

L. Magee, "Ordinary Least Squares Bias and Bias Corrections for iid Samples," SEDAP Research Paper No. 207 and QSEP Report N0. 419, 2007

L. Magee, "The Expected Value of Ordinary Least Squares in iid Samples," unpublished, 2007

J.B. Burbidge and L. Magee, "Earnings Profiles for Computing Effective Tax Rates," prepared for Tax Policy Branch Finance Canada, 2007

A.L. Robb, J. B. Burbidge and L. Magee, "Wages in Canada: SCF, SLID, LFS and the Skill Premium," SEDAP Research Paper No. 106 and QSEP Research Report No. 386, 2003

J. Burbidge, L. Magee and A.L. Robb, "The Education Premium in Canada and the United States." Canadian Public Policy, 2002

L. Magee, and M.R. Veall, "Allocating Awards across Non Comparable Categories" IZA Working Paper 617 and McMaster Department of Economics Working Paper 2002-11.

D. A. Dawson and L. Magee, "The National Hockey League Entry Draft, 1969-1995: An Application of a Weighted Pool-Adjacent-Violators Algorithm," The American Statistician, 2001

J.B. Burbidge, K.A. Collins, J.B. Davies, and L. Magee, "Effective Tax and Subsidy Rates on Human Capital in Canada," mimeo.