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McCann Clayton

photo of Clayton McCann

Clayton McCann

PhD Students
Department of Anthropology


Clay McCann earned his anthropology MA conducting fieldwork among marijuana workers in the southern interior of British Columbia (2014), and his creative writing MFA writing about their lives (2017). He studied craft under Tom Wayman at the Kootenay School of the Arts in Nelson, BC, where he co-founded The Mercury, a monthly alternative news/lit magazine; and anthropological fieldwork under McMaster University’s own Dr. Naomi McPherson. Most recently, Clay served as Chief Editor for the project, Cannabis and Canada: A Multidisciplinary Reader. Clay was a parking valet in NYC, owned a skate shop in Vancouver, worked as a 'lifty' in the Rockies, and played hockey for a season in Helsingen, Suomi. His collection of creative nonfiction and essays, Burdens of Pleasure: CNF from Canada’s Illicit Cannabis Production Industry, is under consideration.