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Medeiros Priscilla

photo of Priscilla Medeiros

Priscilla Medeiros

PhD Students
Department of Anthropology


I received my B.A. Honours at McMaster University with a specialization in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in Religious Studies. I continued my education at the University of New Brunswick in Medical Anthropology (M.A.) under the supervisor of Dr. Koumari Mitra. My master’s thesis focuses on the experiences of women living with HIV accessing the healthcare continuum in New Brunswick, Canada, and Nairobi Province, Kenya. My doctoral research is a continuation of my master’s work, and explores how HIV policy and funding agreement changes in Canada will affect service delivery from the perspective of employees working for community-based agencies and women living with HIV in the Maritime Provinces. This study will compare individual responses in the data set to determine the implications of changing HIV service delivery practices. As well as, employ GIS in the health sector to measure the accessibility of services in regions and cities.