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Mendelson Alan

Alan Mendelson

Emeritus Faculty
Department of Religious Studies






Edited Volumes


Journal Articles

  • “Philo's dialectic of reward and punishment.” Studia Philonica Annual 9 (1997): 104–25.
  • “‘Did Philo Say the Shema? and other reflections on E. P. Sanders’ Judaism: Practice and Belief,” Studia Philonica Annual 6 (1994): 160–70.
  • “Two glimpses of Philo in modern English literature: works by Charles Kingsley and Francis Warner.” Studia Philonica Annual 3 (1991): 328–43.
  • “A reappraisal of Wolfson's method.” Studia Philonica 3 (1974–1975): 11–26. 


  • “Eusebius and the posthumous career of Apollonius of Tyana.” Pages 510–22. Eusebius, Christianity, and Judaism. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1992.