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Milevsky Jonathan, Ph.D. Student, Western Field

Jonathan Milevsky

Ph.D. Student, Western Field

Graduate Students
Department of Religious Studies

Area(s) of Interest:


Jonathan's areas of interest include medieval Jewish thought and Biblical exegesis as well as rabbinic theology. His research looks at the bearing that medieval Jewish philosophy, and in particular the concepts that have their roots in the Talmud, has upon modern Jewish ethics, with an emphasis on the potential political impact of medieval notions of tolerance.

His dissertation is entitled "The Seven Laws of Noah or the Seven Laws of Novak: Comparing Novak's First and Second Accounts of Natural Law Using His Notion of Rationality." It is being supervised by Dr. Zdravko Planinc.


  • York University, M.A. in Jewish Studies, 2011
  • York University, Diploma in Jewish Studies, 2010



Teaching Assistant Experience at McMaster

  • Skepticism, Atheism, and Religious Faith (RS 2LL3)
  • Introduction to Islam (RS 2Q03)
  • World Religions (RS 1B06)
  • Introduction to the Modern Study of the Bible (RS 1D06)
  • Health, Healing and Religion (RS 2WW3)
  • Death and Dying in Comparative Religion (RS 2M03)

Other Teaching Experience

  • Teacher at Forest Hill Jewish Centre, 2005–2009




Journal Articles

Conference Presentations

  • Jonathan Milevsky and Avidan Milevsky. "Freud and the Talmud: The Subtle Dialogue of Secularization." Paper Presented at the American Psychological Association. Washington, D.C. August 7, 2011.

Jonathan also served as the archivist for the Young Judaea Library of Toronto, Canada, 2012–2013