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Muller Andrew, Professor Emeritus | Co-Director, Emeritus McMaster Decision Science Laboratory (McDSL)

Andrew Muller

Professor Emeritus | Co-Director, Emeritus McMaster Decision Science Laboratory (McDSL)

McMaster Decision Science Laboratory (McDSL)

Emeritus Faculty
Department of Economics

Area(s) of Interest:


Research Interests: Experimental Economics , Resource and Environmental Economics, Public Economics


Ph.D. University of Toronto 1975


Recent Research Papers

K.S. Chan, S. Mestelman and R.A. Muller, "Voluntary Provision of Public Goods," Handbook of Experimental Economics Results, forthcoming

J. Clark, L. Friesen, and R.A. Muller, "The Good, the Bad, and the Regulator: An Experimental Test of Two Conditional Audit Schemes," Economic Inquiry, 2004

R.A. Muller and A. Sadanand, "Order of Play, Forward Induction, and Presentation Effects in Two Person Games," Experimental Economics 2003.

R.A. Muller, S. Mestelman, J. Spraggon and R. Godby, "Can Auctions Control Market Power in Emissions Trading Markets?" Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2002.

S. Schott, N. Buckley, S. Mestelman, and R. Andrew Muller, "Shirking for Dollars: Regulating the Exploitation of a Common Pool Resource," Atlantic CanadaEconomic Association Papers and Proceedings, 2002.

K.S. Chan, R. Godby, S. Mestelmanand R.A. Muller, "Crowding Out Voluntary Contributions to Public Goods," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2002.


Working Papers

S. Schott, N. Buckley, S. Mestelman and R. Andrew Muller, "Output Sharing Among Groups Exploiting Common Pool Resources," unpublished, 2004

K. S. Chan, S. Mestelman, R. Moir and R. A. Muller, "Heterogeneity, Communication, Equity and Voluntary Contributions to a Public Good, unpublished, 2003.

N. Buckley, R. A. Muller, S. Mestelman, "Long-run Implications of Alternative Emissions Trading Plans: An Experiment with Robot Traders," unpublished, 2003.