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Murchie Tyler

photo of Tyler Murchie

Tyler Murchie

PhD Students
Department of Anthropology


My academic training is in archaeological science. I’m interested in the application of cross-disciplinary methods (particularly ancient DNA) to diverse archaeological data-sets. My doctoral research is concerned with environmental change in the Americas during Late Quaternary, and the impact of megafaunal extinctions and associated ecological reorganizations on Palaeoamerican lifeways. I’m investigating this using palaeoenvironmental DNA from sediments to track biotic change since the Eemian Interglacial.

Previous research projects of mine include: 1) re-evaluating Late Period projectile point typologies on the Northern Plains by statistically analyzing morphometric data obtained using digital scanning; 2) investigating the antiquity of inter-regional contact between the Northwestern Subarctic and Northwest Coast using ancient DNA from alpine wooden biofacts; 3) evaluating the contamination potential of crossover immunoelectrophoresis for protein identification from lithic tools; and 4) using phylogenetic variability in domestic dogs from Late Period sites on the Northern Plains to distinguish cultural-historic entities, and evaluate hypothesized migration routes. My current interests lie in the Late Quaternary Extinctions, the Peopling of the Americas, and hunter-gatherer lifeways in the circumpolar north.