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Nyers Peter, Associate Professor | Acting Director/Graduate Advisor of IGHC

Peter Nyers

Associate Professor | Acting Director/Graduate Advisor of IGHC

Department of Political Science

Institute on Globalization & the Human Condition

Area(s) of Interest:


Peter Nyers is University Scholar and Associate Professor of the Politics of Citizenship and Intercultural Relations.

I teach in the area of critical security studies, international relations theory, citizenship studies, and refugee and migrant politics. My research focuses on the social movements of non-status refugees and migrants, in particular their campaigns against deportation and detention and for regularization and global mobility rights. I am particularly nterested in investigating how the claims made by politicized groups of non-status people are transforming established norms about citizenship and political community. I am the author of Rethinking Refugees: Beyond States of Emergency (Routledge 2006) and have edited several collected volumes on the politics of citizenship. My most recent edited book is The Routledge Handbook of Global Citizenship Studies (Routledge 2014), which I co-edited with Engin Isin. My editorial responsibilities include being a Chief Editor of the journal Citizenship Studies and serving on the Editorial Boards of International Political Sociology, Materiali Foucaultiani (Italy), Journal of Migration Research (Turkey), and Contexto Internacional: Journal of Global Connections (Brazil).

I am active in the PhD program in International Relations and the MA programs in Globalization Studies, International Relations, and Cultural Studies & Critical Theory. I welcome PhD proposals in the following areas:

  • Critical security studies
  • Acts of citizenship
  • Politics of borders, migration, and refugees
  • Resistance to deportation and detention
  • Politics of humanitarianism
  • The everyday in international politics



  • PhD, Political Science, York University.
  • Graduate Diploma in Refugee and Migration Studies, Centre for Refugee Studies, York University.
  • MA, Political Science and the interdisciplinary program in Contemporary Social and Political Thought, University of Victoria.
  • BA, Political Science, University of Victoria.


Courses 2017-18


  • Globalization 710 - Globalization: An Introduction
  • Political Science 773 - Citizenship and Migration
  • Political Science 775 - Masters in International Relations Colloquium
  • Political Science 776 - Advanced Issues in Critical Security Studies


  • Political Science 4KK3 - Advanced Issues in Global Security



Journal Special Issues

  • Engin F. Isin, Peter Nyers, Bryan S. Turner, eds., Celebrating Ten Years of Citizenship Studies. Special issue of Citizenship Studies 11:1 (February 2007).
  • Peter Nyers, ed., What's Left of Citizenship? Special issue of Citizenship Studies 8:3 (September 2004).
  • Michelle Lowry and Peter Nyers, eds., Global Movements for Refugee and Migrant Rights. Special issue of Refuge: Canada's Periodical on Refugees 21:3 (May 2003).

Journal Articles

  • Peter Nyers, 'Migrant Citizenships and Autonomous Mobilities', Migration, Mobility & Displacement 1:1 (2015).
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Book Chapters

  • Peter Nyers, 'Incipient Cosmopolitanisms', in Eddy Kent and Terri Tomsky, eds., Negative Cosmopolitanism: Cultures and Politics of World Citizenship after Globalization (Montreal-Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, forthcoming 2017).
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