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O'Brien Robert, Professor


Robert O'Brien is Professor of Political Science at McMaster University.  He has published six books and over twenty journal articles and book chapters in the fields of international relations and global political economy.  Robert teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in global political economy and supervises graduate students interested in global labour issues, global civil society, international organization, global governance and the political economy of climate change.  Robert is consulting editor of Global Labour Journal.

Supervisory Interests

My areas of research are in the fields of international political economy, international organization, global civil society, global labour issues and the political economy of climate change. I would be interested in supervising MA or Ph.D. students working in the following areas:

  • The relationship between globalization and labour.
  • International Economic Institutions such as the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, International Labour Organization and the OECD.
  • Activity of global / transnational social movements and their engagement with international institutions or corporations.
  • The negotiation and settlement of trade disputes.
  • Critical theoretical approaches to IPE
  • Political Economy of Climate Change
  • Internationalism

Examples of PhD Topics I have supervised

  • China and Global Financial Governance
  • Global Environmental Movement and Corporate Actors
  • Political Economy of Anti-Capitalist Protest
  • Gendered Migration Regimes: Armenia to Turkey
  • Africa, Global Governance and the ILO

PhD Topics I am currently supervising

  • From Climate Refugees to Displaced People in Bangladesh
  • The Challenge of transnationalism for Indian environmentalists




  • 2J3 - Global Political Economy
  • 3G03 - Global Politics of Climate Change 


  • 774 - International Political Economy
  • 768 - Political Economy of Climate Change




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Robert O'Brien, Subsidy Regulation and State Transformation in North America, GATT and the EU (Macmillan, International Political Economy Series, 1997).


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Book Chapters

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