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Oresnik Sarah

photo of Sarah Oresnik

Sarah Oresnik

MA Students
Department of Anthropology


I completed my B.A. Honours in Anthropology and English at the University of Manitoba in 2018. Over the course of my undergraduate work I became interested in biocultural anthropology, specifically the relationship between people, their health and diet, and their physical and social environment.

My Masters research focuses on the pregnancy nutrition of immigrant women in Hamilton, Ontario. Research into the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) is showing that children of mothers who are undernourished or obese have a greater propensity for developing type two diabetes, cardiovascular disease or being overweight themselves. Nutrition during pregnancy is therefore crucial for the long-term health of the child. My research will explore what information pregnant women have about pregnancy nutrition and where they are receiving this knowledge from. I will also examine if DOHaD research is reaching these members of the community. This project will also reveal what obstacles pregnant immigrant women encounter in regards to navigating the health care system and achieving an optimal diet.