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Palmer Sally

Sally Palmer

Emeritus Faculty
School of Social Work


  • B.A. (Western Ontario)
  • B.S.W., M.S.W., Ph.D. (Toronto)


Selected Publications


Contributions to Books
Maiter, S., Manji, S., & Palmer, S. (2013). Invisible lives: A qualitative study of 61 parents receiving child protective services. In G. Cameron, M. Fine, S. Maiter, K. Frensch, & N. Freymond (Eds.), Creating positive systems of child and family welfare (pp. 115-138). Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press.

McKenzie, B., Palmer, S., & Barnard, W. (2007). Views from other provinces. In L.T. Foster, & B. Wharf (Eds.), Politics, people, and child welfare in British Columbia (pp.210-225). Vancouver, BC: UBC Press.

Cameron, G., Freymond, N., Cornfield, D., & Palmer, S. (2007). Positive possibilities for child and family welfare: Expanding the Anglo-American child welfare paradigm. In G. Cameron, N. Coady, & G. Adams (Eds.), Moving toward positive systems of child and family welfare (pp.1-64). Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.
Fine, M., Palmer, S., & Coady, N. (2007). Service participant voices in child welfare, children's mental health, and psychotherapy. In G. Cameron, N. Coady, & G. Adams (Eds.), Moving toward positive systems of child and family welfare (pp.187-240). Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.
Palmer, S., & Sykes, D. (2003). “Treating Disrupted Family Bonds with Adolescent Girls in Residential Care through a Life Stories Program.” In K. Kufeldt & B. McKenzie (Eds.), Child welfare: Connecting research, policy, and practice (pp.297-308). Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier Press.

Palmer, S., & Brown, R. "Short-Term Group Treatment for Men Who Abuse Their Wives: The Effects on Their Attitudes and Behavior" In Ross, Antonowicz, Dahliwal, Eds. Going Straight: Effective Delinquency Prevention and Offender Rehabilitation (pp. 259-275).  Ottawa: AIR Training and Publications, 1995.

Palmer, S. & Brown, R. "Effective Interventions with Assaultive Husbands" in Pressman, Cameron, and Rothery, Eds. Intervening with Assaulted Women (pp. 57-73).  New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers, 1989.
"The Initial Effect of Divorce Upon Children", in Ishwaran, ed. Marriage and Divorce in Canada (pp. 297-325).  Toronto: Methuen Publications, 1983.

"Divorcing Families:  A Case Study in Southwestern Ontario", in Ishwaran, ed. The Canadian Family (pp. 614-630).  Toronto, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1976.

Journal Articles
Palmer, S., Durham, D., & Osmond, M. (2014). “Therapeutic visiting in treatment foster care.” Child Welfare 93, 25-52.

Harper, K., Stalker, C.A., Palmer, S. & Gadbois, S. (2008). “Adults traumatized by child abuse: What survivors need from community-based mental health professionals.” Journal of Mental Health 17, 361-374.
Palmer, S., Stalker, C., Harper, K., & Gadbois, S. (2007). “Balancing positive outcomes with vicarious traumatization: Participants’ experiences with group treatment for long term effects of childhood abuse.” Social Work with Groups 30, 59-77.

Palmer, S., Maiter, S., & Manji, S. (2006). “Effective intervention in child protective services: Learning from parents.” Children & Youth Services Review 28, 812-824.
Maiter, S., Palmer, S., & Manji, S. (2006). "Strengthening Social Worker-Client Relationships in Child Protection Services" Qualitative Social Work 5, 167-186.

Stalker, C.A., Palmer, S.E., Wright, D.C., & Gebotys. (2005). “Specialized inpatient trauma treatment for adults abused as children: A follow-up study,” American Journal of Psychiatry 162, 552-559.

Harper, K., Stalker, C., Palmer, S., & Gadbois, S. (2005). “Experiences of Adults Abused as Children after Discharge from Inpatient Treatment: Informal Social Support and Self-Care Practices Related to Trauma Recovery:" Families in Society 86, 217-225.

Manji, S., Maiter, S., & Palmer, S. (2005).“Community and informal social supports for recipients of child protective services.” Children & Youth Services Review 27, pp.291-308.

Palmer, S., Stalker, C., Gadbois, S., & Harper, K.  (2004). What works for survivors of childhood abuse: Learning from participants in an inpatient treatment program. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 74, 112-121.

“Custody and Access Issues with Children whose Parents are Separated or  Divorced.” Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health, Special Supplement 4 (Summer 2002), 25-38.

Osmond, M., Durham, D., & Palmer, S. (2002). Clinically Managed Access: The Final Piece in the Permanency Planning Puzzle. Journal of the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies 45:3, 31-41.

Palmer, S., Brown, R., Rae-Grant, N., & Loughlin, J. (2001). “Survivors of Childhood Abuse: Their Reported Experiences with Professional Help.” Social Work 46:2, 136-149.

Presentations at Meetings


Peer Reviewed


Palmer, S. Including children in family group conferencing to develop open adoption agreements. International Conference of the American Humane Association, Toronto, ON, September.


Palmer, S. & Anderson, L. “Where’s My Place: Separation and Identity Issues with Children in Care”. Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies, Annual Conference, Toronto, ON, June.


Palmer, S., Brubacher, M., Frensch, K., Harvey, C., & Ringrose, P. “Partnerships for Children and Families: a Collaborative Research Project.” Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies & Child Welfare League of Canada, National Conference on Canada’s Children...Canada’s Future, Toronto, May.

Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies & Child Welfare League of Canada Conference on Canada’s Children...Canada’s Future, 2002. Palmer, S., & Osmond, M. “Throwaway Parents or Contributors to their Children’s Future?” Toronto, May.

Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work (CASSW) Annual Meeting. Palmer, S., Fine, M., & Coady, N. “Listening to the Voices of Service Participants (Users): A Review of Research from Child Welfare, Children’s Mental Health, and Psychotherapy.” Toronto, ON, May.


International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Palmer, S., & Templeton, G. “Group Treatment of Survivors of Childhood Abuse as Viewed by Participants.” Poster Session. New Orleans, Louisiana, December.

International Conference on Outcome Studies. Palmer, S., & Osmond, M. “Maintaining Parent-Child Attachment in Foster Care through Clinically-Managed Access.” Volterra, Italy, March.


International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Palmer, S., Stalker, C., Gadbois, S., Harper, K. “What Works for Survivors of Childhood Abuse: Learning from Participants in Residential Treatment.” San Antonio, Texas, November.