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Reilly Sophie

photo of Sophie Reilly

Sophie Reilly

McMaster Paleoethnobotanical Research Facility (MPERF)


I completed my B.A. Honours at McGill University in anthropology with an archaeology specialization in 2015. For my honours thesis, I studied feasting practices in the pre-Inka polity, Wari. Specifically, I explored the ways in which feasting rituals were grounded in traditions of reciprocity and religion, and were a means through which the Wari built relationships with surrounding communities thereby expanding their region of influence. For my M.A. research I will study foodways in the Lake Titicaca basin of highland Bolivia. I will study both culinary practices and craft production to explore the effects of regional interaction between highland and lowland polities in the Late Formative period. My research asks, how do increasing interactions between highland and lowland polities materialize in culinary practices and craft production? Traditionally archeologists have relied exclusively on ceramics to frame social and political changes. But do the changes of the Late Formative occur both in craft production and in culinary practices? Finally, are the changes seen in both of these forms of daily life indicative of broader changes in local identities?