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Sammon Sheila, Professor

photo of Sheila Sammon

Sheila Sammon


Emeritus Faculty
School of Social Work

Area(s) of Interest:


Research & Supervisory Interests

Special interest in social work practice with families, couples and individuals, and in social work education.  Sheila is interested in the integration of theory and practice particularly in the context of field placements and seminars.  Her research interests include social work practice with families, social work field education, Inquiry based education, international field placement exchange, interdisciplinary education and the impact of government cuts on social workers.


Recent Graduate Supervisions

Supervision (Masters):

  • Family Violence and Alcohol Abuse in Native Families
  • Working Under the Child Welfare Reform Agenda:  A Study of New Workers
  • Social Work Values:  Are We Expected to do the Impossible?
  • Violent & Aggressive Children in Canada:  Social Policy Responses 1940-1997
  • Infertility:  Analyzing the Gender Experience
  • Critical Thinking in Social Work Education
  • Streets to Stability:  Resiliency of Street-Involved Youth


  • M.S.W., University of Toronto, 1973
  • B.A., Sociology, Nazareth College of Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A., 1969



ISS3 - Inquiry
SW4D06 - General Social Work II
SW4DD6 - Field Practicum II
SW4X03 - Social Work with Families
SW736 - Social Work Practice and Social Justice


Selected Publications

Sammon, S., Whitaker, W., Barlow, C., (2003) Preparing and Supporting Social Work Students for International Field Placements. In Lena Dominelli (ed.) Broadening Horizons. Inglis, Susan, Sammon, S., Justice, C., Cuneo, C., Miller,S., Quirke, L., Rice, J., Roy, D., Warry, W. (in press) Bafa’ Bafa’ as a Cross-cultural Simulation to Advance Student Inquiry, Simulation and Gaming Journal.

Justice, Christopher, Warry,W., Cuneo, C., Inglis, S.,   Miller, S., Rice, J., Sammon, S. (2002) "A Grammar for Inquiry: Linking Goals and Methods in a Collaboratively Taught Social Sciences Inquiry Course" The Alan Blizzard Award Paper, Special Publication of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Toronto.

Cuneo, Carl, Inglis, S., Justice, C., Miller, S., Rice, J.,  Roy,D., Sammon, S., Warry, W. (2001)Thinking and Doing 'Outside the Box': Interdisciplinary Inquiry Learning Partnerships, Research and Development in Higher Education , Volume 24, pp. 15-21.

Aronson, J. and Sammon, S. (2000).  "Practice Amid Social Service Cuts and Restructuring:  Working with the Contradictions of 'Small Victories'." Canadian Social Work Review 17:2(167).

Royle, J.,  Sammon, S.,  Montemurro, M., Morrison, F., and Blythe, J. (1998). "Preparing Today’s Health Care Providers to Educate Tomorrow’s Practitioners: Interdisciplinary Collaboration." Educational Gerontology. (In Press).

VanderHorst, M.L.; Turpee, I.; Nelson, W.; Cole, B.; Sammon, S.; Sniderman, P.; Tremblay, M. (1994). "St. Joseph’s Community Health Centre Model of Community Based Interdisciplinary Health Care Team Education." Health and Social Care.

Presentations at Meetings

2004 Sammon, S. with Brenda Symons-Moulton and Kelly Lazure-Valconi.  Social Work Retreat: Two Days of Workshops, Hamilton Separate School Board,  June 2 & 3.

Sammon, S. “You and Your Student in the Placement Setting...Reflecting on the Subtleties of Oppression” McMaster University Centre for Gerontological Studies and the Interdisciplinary Field Co-ordinators Group. Hamilton, May 2.

Sammon, S. “A Time to Pause and Reflect: The  80th Anniversary of Family Services Hamilton” Keynote Speaker, Family Services Annual General Meeting. May 25.


Sammon, S. Celebrating Social Work, Speaker and Facilitator, Annual Meeting of Hamilton  Medical Social Workers, Hamilton, Ontario. March 6.

Sammon, S. STLHE Inquiry Experience: Experiential Education.  Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, McMaster University June 12, 13, 14, 15.

Sammon, S. with Symons-Moulton, B. and Swan, T. Integrating Theory and Practice. Separate School Board, Social Work Department, In-Service Training. May 23.

Sammon, S. & Symons-Moulton, B. Putting the Pieces Together McMaster University School of Social Work Field Instructor’s Workshop. October 25.

Sammon, S., Sills, A., Lancaster, S. Panel: Dealing With Difficult Students –Newer Faculty Lunch Centre for Leadership and Learning. November 5.

Peer Reviewed
2004 Sammon, S. with Cho, M., Cosby, R., Dumbrill, G., Ferreira, C., Lee, B., Palmer, S., Swan T., Westwood, A.., and Young, M. Transforming the Social Work Curriculum? A Community, Faculty, Student Collaboration in designing Anti-Oppression Education, CASSW , Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, May 30.

“Who CARES? A Dialogue on Advocating for Anti-Oppressive Social Work” Laurie Fox, Amanda Westwood, SheilaSammon , Randy Shiga, Michelle Young, Barb Ross, Patricia Lauriston and Sally Palmer .  Congress for Social Sciences and Humanities, Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work. Halifax, N.S.  June 3.


"Bafa Bafa as a Cross-Cultural Simulation to Advance Student Inquiry" Inglis, S. Cuneo, C., Justice, C. Miller, S. Quirke, L., Rice, J., Roy, D., Sammon, S., Warry, W.  Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Hamilton June 14.

"Popular Theatre: A Method to Teach Anti-Oppressive Practice and Community Development." Swan, T., Lee, B.,Sammon, S., Symons-Moulton, B. Congress for Social Sciences and Humanities, Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work. Toronto, May.


"A Grammar for Inquiry" Justice, Christopher, Cuneo, C. J. Miller, S., Inglis, S., Quirke, L., Rice, J., Sammon, S., Warry, W. Paper delivered at 21st Annual Conference of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, St. Johns. June 14-17.


"Culture, Context and Comparisons: Perspectives on International Family and Child Welfare Placements" with SheilaSammon and W. Whitaker. Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, CASSW annual Conference. Sherbrooke Quebec. June 6-9.


Community Connections

Mohawk College Social Services Advisory Committee (Chairperson)

Catholic Children's Aid Society "Care Beyond Belief"  Advisory Committee

Catholic Family Services Advisory Committee on Diversity