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Schwarcz Henry, University Professor Emeritus

Henry Schwarcz

University Professor Emeritus

Associate Members
Department of Anthropology


Research & Supervisory Interests

I am a geochemist interested in the applications of scientific methods in archaeology and anthropology. My two principal areas of research are: dating of prehistoric sites; and paleodiet inferred from studies of stable isotopes and other data.

Using stable isotopes, I am studying paleodiet of ancient populations. I am also using tetracycline in human bone as an indicator of foddering and dometication. By studying stable isotopes in teeth of goats and gazelles from sites in Israel, we are learning about the relation between climate and human evolution. Studies of modern human bone by transmission electron microscopy are revealing new ultrastructural features of apatite crystals.

I am dating prehistoric sites in Egypt and Spain. using electron spin resonance (ESR) analysis of  tooth enamel and sedimentary layers from open-air sites, and uranium series dating of travertine.


PhD Cal Tech, 1960


Selected Publications

Schwarcz, H.P and Stafford, T. (2008) Radiometric dates. in Philip G. Chase, André Debénath, Harold L. Dibble, and Shannon P. McPherron (ed.’s) The Cave of Fontéchevade. Cambridge, Cambridge Univ. Press, 2008, p. 117-126.

Schwarcz H,P., Szkudlarek, R., Kleindienst, M.R. and Evensen, N. (2008) Fire in the desert: The occurrence of a high-Ca silicate glass near the Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt. in M. Wiseman, ed. AThe Oasis Papers II: Proceedings of the Second Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project. : Oxford, David Brown Book Co. 55-71.

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