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Veall Michael, Professor | Academic Director, Statistics Canada Research Data Centre

Michael Veall

Professor | Academic Director, Statistics Canada Research Data Centre

Department of Economics

Area(s) of Interest:


Research Interests: Applied Econometrics, Public Economics, Population Economics, Health Economics





ECON 727- Fall 2015

ECON 761- Fall 2015

ECON 4A03- Honours Seminar in Economics- Winter 2016


Recent Research Papers

M. R. Veall, "Cash RRSPs Early, Avoid Clawback", Tax Highlights, 2014.

M. R. Veall, "Estimates of the Number of Guaranteed Income Supplement Recipients Who Receive Income from Registered Retirement Savings Plans", Canadian Tax Journal, forthcoming. 

V. Drobescu, S. Mirkovic, S. Mohsenzadeh and M. R. Veall, "Top-End Salaries and the Ontario Public Sector", Canadian Public Administration, forthcoming. 

D. Drummond, A. Ryan and M. R. Veall, "Improving Canada's productivity performance: the potential contribution of firm-level productivity research", International Productivity Monitor, 2013, 87-93. 

M. R. Veall, "Top Income Shares in Canada: Recent Trends and Why They Might Matter", Presidential Address to the Canadian Economics Association, Canadian Journal of Economics, November, 2012, 1247-42. 

M. R. Veall, “2B or Not 2B? What Should Have Happened with the Canadian Long Form Census? What Should Happen Now?, Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques, vol 38 (3), September, 2010, 395-399.

M. R. Veall, "The Distribution of Seniors' Income in Canada, 1992-2005", in M. Abbott, C. Beach, R. Boadway and J. MacKinnon (eds.) Retirement Policy Issues in Canada, John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy, McGill-Queens University Press, 2009.

M. R. Veall, "Canadian Seniors and the Low-Income Measure", Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques, November 2008. 

E. Saez and M. R. Veall, "The Evolution of High Incomes in Canada, 1920-2000," in A.B. Atkinson and T. Piketty. (eds.) Top incomes Over the Twentieth Century: A Contrast Between Continental European and English-Speaking Countries, 2007.

L. McLeod and M. R. Veall, "The Dynamics of Food Deprivation and Overall Health; Evidence from the Canadian National Population Health Survey,"  Applied Economics, 2006.

E. Saez and M. R. Veall, "The Evolution of High Incomes in North America: Lessons from Canadian Evidence," American Economic Review, 2005.  (Winner of 2005 Purvis Prize presented for a work of excellence relating to Canadian economic policy).

P. Grootendorst and M. R. Veall, "National Catastrophic Health Insurance Revisited: Who Would Benefit from Senator Kirby's Recommendations? " Canadian Public Policy, 2005.  (Winner of the John Vanderkamp Prize for best paper published in Canadian Public Policy in 2005).

S. Alan, T. F. Crossley, P. Grootendorst and M. R. Veall, "Distributional Effects of 'General Population' Prescription Drug Programs in Canada" Canadian Journal of Economics, 2005.

Q. Kong and M. R. Veall, "Does the Maclean's Ranking Matter? " Canadian Public Policy, 2005.

S. Alan, T. F. Crossley, P. Grootendorst and M. R. Veall, "The Effects of Drug Subsidies on Out-of-Pocket Prescription Drug Expenditures by Seniors: Regional Evidence from Canada," Journal of Health Economics, 2002.

J.-P. Lam and M. R. Veall, "Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Single Period Regression Forecasts," International Journal of Forecasting, 2002.

D. Fretz, A. Macnaughton and M. R. Veall, "Policy Approaches to Promote Private and Occupational Old-Age Provision in Canada," Bertelsmann Foundation, Vorsorgestudien, 4, 2002.

J. Robbins, and M. R. Veall, "Registered Saving Plan Holdings as a Government Asset," C.D. Howe Institute Backgrounder No. 63, 2002.

A. Macnaughton and M. R. Veall, "Tipping and the McQuatters Formula," Public Finance Review, 2001.

M.A. Sillamaa and M. R. Veall, "The Effect of Marginal Tax Rates on Taxable Income: A Panel Study of the 1988 Tax Flattening in Canada," Journal of Public Economics, 2001.

M. R. Veall, "Did Tax Flattening Affect RRSP Contributions?" Canadian Journal of Economics, 2001.

D. Fretz and M. R. Veall "Economists and the ARC Large Grants Program: A Brief Report," Economic Record (Miscellany Section), 2001.

D. Fretz and M. R. Veall, "Review Article: 2 ½ Proposals to Save Social Security," Southern Economic Journal, 2001.