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Watt Lisa

Lisa Watt

Contract and Sessional Faculty
School of Social Work


Supervisor: Dr. Christina Sinding
Committee: Dr. Jane Aronson; Dr. James Gillett (Sociology & Health, Aging & Society)
Thesis Title:  The social organization of school-based health support services: Children with
diabetes in Ontario schools

I am a fourth year Phd student interested in caregiving, equity and access to social and health services, and institutional ethnography. For my doctoral research, I will examine the social organization and coordination of school-based health support services for children with diabetes in Ontario schools. More specifically, I will start from parents' concerns in their experiences, and trace in detail how diabetes care comes to happen the way it does in Ontario schools. The focus of the inquiry moves from parents’ experiences into explicating the social relations that govern the activities of parents and others involved in this institutional processes.