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Woodhall-Melnik Julia, Canadian Institutes of Health Research Post-Doctoral Fellow


Julia Woodhall-Melnik is funded by the prestigious Canadian Institutes of Health Research Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program and is supervised by Dr. Jim Dunn. She received her Ph.D. in Sociology in 2014 and her research was focused on investigating employment in low-waged service sector work as a social determinant of health. During this time, Julia also led a variety of analyses of publicly funded housing options for low-income households with non-profit organizations and academic think tanks.

Julia continues to produce innovative research which explores employment and housing as social determinants of physical and mental health, addiction and concurrent disorders. Her work investigates the effectiveness of publicly funded rehousing and housing loss prevention interventions on health and housing outcomes, employment and income. For example, Julia's expertise in evaluating the impacts of Housing First programming has led her to publish multiple manuscripts on housing stability and permanency, physical health, mental health, well being, employment outcomes and health and social services utilization.

Julia employs both qualitative and quantitative methods in her work and is adept at community based research. She has formed deep connections with a variety of community agencies who serve low-income populations and local governments in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario. These meaningful partnerships enrich her research and lead her develop a deeper understanding of population specific experiences of social inequality. Her work is guided by questions posed in collaboration with community partners and the people who they serve. Julia is profoundly committed to incorporating the voices of persons with lived-experience of poverty and low-income into her research. Her goal is to produce research that positively impacts the quality of life of low-income and impoverished Canadians.