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Congratulations Dr. Alina Sajed for publishing the first postcolonial textbook in International Relations on Race and Gender!

Dr. Alina Sajed (with co-editor Randolph B. Persaud, American University, Washington) Race, Gender, and Culture in International Relations (Routledge) has just published the first postcolonial textbook in IR, that is aimed at undergraduates students.

Feb 09, 2018

Despite major developments over the last two decades in this discipline, there are no comprehensive textbooks dealing with race, gender, and culture in IR from a postcolonial perspective. Dr. Sajed's textbook fills this important gap and uses the lenses of race and gender to illustrate how they inform and condition our assumptions about world politics. This book introduces students to crucial topics and debates around war, global inequality, colonialism/postcolonialism, nation/nationalism, indigeneity, sexuality, celebrity humanitarianism, and religion. Drawing together prominent scholars in critical International Relations, this work shows why and how race, gender and culture matter to International Relations theory.

For more information, check out the Routledge website.