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Our PhD Graduates

McMaster’s excellent academic training has facilitated the movement of our PhD graduates into rewarding jobs in the university and public sectors.

Our graduates have secured postdoctoral fellowships (Johnson-Shoyama School, Asia Pacific Foundation) tenure track university positions (Bishops,  Brock, Carleton, Guelph, Mount Allison, Ottawa, l’Université de Montréal, Western, Winnipeg, York,  PUC-RIO Brazil, ) research positions at think tanks (IRPP) and in the federal and provincial civil service (Treasury Board, Higher Education Quality Council, Ontario Ministry of the Environment).

Below is a list of names, positions and contacts of some of our PhD Alumni:



 BHATIA,  Vandna

 Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON


 Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Western University, London, ON

 BROWN,  Sherri 

 Director of Research, TIES Advisory, Vancouver, BC

 BOUCHARD,  Genevieve

 Research Director, IRPP (Institute for Research on Public Policy), Montreal, Quebec

 COLES,  Amanda

 Lecturer, Arts & Cultural Management, School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne

 CONTEH  Charles

 Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario 

 DEWAR,  David

 Principal Senior Policy Analyst, Privy Council Office, Government of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

 FLYNN, Greg

 Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

 GABEL.  Chelsea

 Assistant Professor, Department of Health, Aging & Society and the Indigenous Studies Program, McMaster University


 Director, Institutional Planning & Analysis & Records and Information Management, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology  (SAIT), Calgary, Alberta

 GRACE, Joan

 Associate Professor, Politics Department, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg. MB


 Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON

 JOHNSON,  Heather

 Lecturer, School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, Queen's University, Belfast

 KPESSA,  Michael 

 Research Fellow, Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Legon

 LEONE, Roberto

 Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Western University, London, ON


 Assistant Professor, Department of Politics & International Relations, Mount Allison, Sackville, NB

 MARGULIS,  Matias

 Lecturer, Divisoin or History and Politics, University of Stirling, Scotland

 McGUIRE,  Sara

 Visiting Assistant Professor, Intelligence and National Security Studies, University of Texas at El Paso (Sept. 2014)

 McKEEN-  EDWARDS,  Heather

 Assistant Professor, Political Studies Department, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Quebec


 Professor and Directeur, Departement de science politique, l’Université de Montréal, Montréal QC

 MONTSION,  Jean Michel

 Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies, Glendon, York University, Toronto, ON

 MOULIN  AGUIAR,  Carolina

 Assistant Professor, Institute of International Relations PUC-RIO, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

 QUINN,  Joanna

 Associate Professor & Director, The Africa Institute, Centre for Transitional Justice & Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Department of  Political Science, UWO, London, ON

 REED,  Austina J.

 Partner, Reed-Edmunds, LLC, Chicago, Illinois


 Associate Professor & Department Chair, Political Science, Glendon, York University, Toronto, ON

 SAJED, Alina

 Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, McMaster University

 SNEYD, Adam

 Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science University of Guelph, Guelph, ON

 WILLIAMS,  Mark  

 University-College Professor, Political Studies, University of Vancouver Island



Recent Theses (2012-June 2014):

 Global Ethics and the Power Relations of  Responsibility

 Busser, Mark

 'Securing' the Homeland? A Comparison of  Canadian and American Homeland Security Policy  in the Post-9/11 Period

 McGuire, Sara K.


 Governing the Future, Mastering Time:  Temporality, Sovereignty, and the Pre-emptive  Politics of (In)security

 Stockdale, Liam

 Building from and moving beyond the state: The  National and Transnational Dimensions of Afro- Brazilian Women's  Intersectional Mobilization

 Franklin, Jessica H.

 The Role of Islam in the Construction of the  Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of  Indonesia

 Williams, Mark S.

 The Autonomy of the City: Re-Imagining Political  Belonging and Agency

 Vermilyea, Jennifer

 Hunger in a globalizing world: international  organizations and contestation in the global  governance of food security

 Margulis, Matias E.

 Writing Southeast Asian Security. The “War On  Terror” As A Hegemonic Security Narrative And Its  Effects In  Southeast Asia: A (Critical) Security  Analysis

 Mustapha, Jennifer

 Towards Healthier Aboriginal Health Policies?  Navigating the Labyrinth for Answers

 Gabel, Chelsea

 The Inclusion of Atypical Minorities in Public Policy:  Urban Aboriginal Peoples in Canada and Travellers  in Ireland

 Heritz M, Joanne

 Municipalities and the mega-event

 Phillips, Carol

 Counting Canucks: cultural labour and Canadian  cultural policy 

 Coles L, Amanda

 Private authority and global health governance:  Public-private partnerships and access to HIV and  AIDS medicines in  the global south

 Brown, Sherri


All theses are available through the McMaster Library Digital Commons.