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International Student Stories

Travelling has always been a large part of Anuraaj’s life. Originally from India, he has lived in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. He was very excited to move to Canada and begin a new adventure.

When Anuraaj first arrived to campus he immediately began to fall in love with his surroundings.

“When I first arrived at McMaster, I thought campus was beautiful. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful campus’s in Canada. I also love architecture, the mix of the old buildings and the modern ones stood out to me.”

“Also, McMaster is a big university with a small university feel. I was concerned it would be too big and I would not be able to find my classes, but I figured it out. I like that you can get anywhere on campus sin about 10 – 15 minutes and I quickly found where my classes were.”

While Anuraaj was used to moving and settling into new locations, he was worried about settling in as it is very far from his home.

“I was worried about feeling at home on campus, but Welcome Week helped me feel at home. I felt settled here within the first week. There was a lot of great events where everyone is with one another and I met my friends within the first few days. I found that Canada is like Qatar in the sense it is very diverse, inclusive and welcoming which helped me settle in.”

In term of his academics has enjoyed the flexibility available in the Social Sciences department.

“I have enjoyed Social Sciences 1. What I like about Mac is how flexible the programs are. It’s very easy to change programs and to take a wide range of courses. I had never even taken a political sciences course before University, but I found out I loved it and am considering majoring in it.”

“I like that McMaster allows you to be a well-rounded student. There are opportunities academically, such as tutoring and after school drop in sessions, but there are also opportunities to develop hobbies, like the gym and many different clubs.”

Outside of the classroom, Anuraaj enjoys going for walks and appreciates the nature on campus. McMaster's campus backs onto Cootes Paradise and there are many hiking trails he wants to explore. He has also had the opportunity to travel to Montreal, Toronto and Niagara from Hamilton.

“I love the big city feel, so being so close to Toronto is nice.  I love that Hamilton is close to Toronto and how easy to get around and see different parts of Ontario. I enjoy the public transit you can get around no matter what time it is because of the consistent transit system.”

“If I could give students a piece of advice it would be don’t have a preconceived idea of what you do when you want to come her. Be open to what’s around you, try new things and leave your comfort zone. Also, find other things to do outside the academic life. It will help to relive the stress of first year.”